Sister of the North Location Scandinavia Location Scout and Management is run by Sofia Linfeldt, a highly experienced location scout and location manager, facilitating locations for feature films, Tv series, commercials and still shoots. Sister of the North offer local production service, employing experienced local crew and have accounts with equipment suppliers.

We can help your production already at the ”pitching stage” researching photographic reference from our locations archive. This can support your creative team with visual reference and producers with budget advice and offer alternative  ideas or options as well as advising on the feasibility of the project.

Sofia has several years experience as a photographic producer and locations scout in London and Scandinavia with a diploma from The Advertising Producers Association masterclass in production. Sister of the North location scout all over Scandinavia.

Clients & Projects: Bron III, Bron II, NIKE ,Volvo, H&M Home, IKEA, Expedia, Keo Film, Vitra, Shell, Landrover, Independent, Stink, RSA, Academy, HSI, TomBoy, Knuklehead,Gorgeous, Mustard, Another Film Co, Red Bee Media, Blink, MJZ, DUNI, Kahrs, McCulloch, Husqvarna, Visit Sweden, Nimbus Film, Filmlance, Anagram Film, Chinema Film, Sony, SSKYB UK, Hello Dave, Solid, Forsman&Bodenfors, JWT London, Stendahls, Camp David Film, Bacon CPH, Newland TV, Acne, B-Reel Film, Skånemejerier, Lovechild Scandinavia, NY, TBWA New York, Fasad Film, Glue London, BVD, Paza Deco, ELLE Decoration, Vouge UK, Selfservice, KAN, Plaza Magazine, Äta Sova Dö, Avalon, Itsibitsi, Weiden&Kennedy, Länsförsäkringar, Rogue Films, Locate Productions, Salt,